Our Goals

  • Making High-Quality Prep Materials Available to Guild Members: We want to put the prep materials in practitioner’s hands. We want performance of the ritual. (Register for Membership to see what Materials are Available)

  • Creating a Live, Dynamic Calendar with Multiple Layers (Steiner, Thun, Farmers Almanac and more): We want a calendar for our time that utilizes the information and technologies available. A calendar in constant motion, and relevant to one’s specific location in the cosmos. A calendar that informs our realities, and guides our efforts.

  • To Foster a Conversation, Community and Culture in Alchemical Agriculture that Seeks a Greater Human Destiny: Agriculture is the foundation of civilization, and if we care to reshape civilization it might best be done through Agriculture.

    (Podcast Content is Free to the Public, but Access to Prep Materials and the Calendar can be found in the Member Section.)